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The Sunny Side

Sunny Hostin Sunny Hostin Collaboration

Q: Describe your personal style- what's your go-to uniform for at home vs on-set? Any must have items or pieces?

Sunny:  My approach is elegant and chic – clean lines, and just a bit bohemian. On set, I gravitate toward tailored items and a pop of color. I especially love shades of orange, burnt gold and moss green.
When I’m at home, comfort is my priority and I’m a firm believer that clothes don’t need to be designer or expensive to look amazing. 
Truthfully, if I can wear a piece of Samira 13 Jewelry with my outfit, I always will.
The pieces are my must-have to complete any look.

Q: How does jewelry play into your personal style? What drew you to Samira 13 in particular?

Sunny:  I love adding a statement accessory to my outfits. My two favorite pieces of Samira 13 jewelry are the “Sunburst Necklace” and the “Fringe Bracelet.” I practically never take my Sunburst necklace off. I actually love it so much and received so many compliments that I worked with Samira to design a more affordable –  but equally as chic – version of the necklace that my fans LOVE!

Q:  Do you have a style icon or person/place/feeling you draw style inspiration from?

Sunny:  Jackie O has always been my number one fashion inspiration. My style is Jackie O meets Zoë Kravitz – elegant, yet boho-chic. I’m also inspired by my surroundings, especially in the summer. I love exploring vintage boutiques when I’m in the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard to find unique, fun pieces to add to my closet. I’m really a thrift shop girl at heart and beach towns have the best finds.


A very special thank you to Sunny, who is a ray of sunshine inside and out!

Watch her daily as Co-Host of The View on ABC  @theviewabc  and Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin on ID.

Follow her on Instagram @sunny and @hostins_hens

Photo Credit: Neil Dawson 


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